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"It's really good to hear your voice say my name..."

"...it sounds so sweet."

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16 April
alternative, amy lee, anime, anywhere, armwarmers, astrology, baileys, baking, before the dawn, black, bondage, bondage pants, bondage tape, borderline, boyshort underwear, bracelets, business, butterflies, cake decorating, caramel, cats, chains, chocolate milk, chokers, christmas, classical, collars, colour bars, concerts, corset tops, corsets, cottom candy, creativity, cuffs, cyber dreads, cyber goth, dance dance revolution, dancing, ddr, doggy bags, domination, dragon flies, drawing, dread falls, evanescence, eyeliner, fake hair, falls, fire, fishnets, flatiron, flute, fringe fridays, fucking, funhaus, fx, glowsticks, goldschlager, gothic clothing, gothic lolita fashion, graphics, guys in makeup, hair extensions, hajime no ippo, halloween, hearts, heather, hoodies, hot topic, hugs, ice tea, jack daniels, japan, japanese alternative fashion, japanese culture, java house, jelly bracelets, jpop, jrock, jägermeister, kandi, kenny, kisses, knee high stockings, korn, lace, leashes, leg warmers, lip service, liquid cocaine, love, makeup, making dread falls, making love, mars, music, oka, oreos, organizing, osaze, pandas, paranormal, pepsi, photography, piercings, pina coladas, pineapple, pool, pop, queen street, rain, rammstein, raspberry, rating communities, red, red roses, rev, ribbon, rock, rurouni kenshin, sailor mars, sailor moon, scrapbooking, scratching, security, sesame seed balls, sex, sex by the lake, shopping, silver, sleeping, stripes, submissive, summer, synthetic dreads, synthetic hair, taking pictures, tarot cards, tequila, tigers, tripp, vampirefreaks.com, waist cinchers, whips, white tigers, wings, working, writing, zen lounge

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