|| DDR Mania! ||

Ughhhhhhh so much DDR-rrrrrrrr.
I finally got it to work online and I had fun kicking people's asses haha.
Now Im' all tired and sweaty and need a shower. ut at least I feel good.

|| Yay! Hot Topic stuff! ||

Hahah Adam was putting in a Hot Topic order so I conned him into adding some shti for me with it...

Christmas was wicked. I'll write more tomorrow probably, we're all going skating, yay!
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|| It's been a while... ||

Well, it's been a while since a real update... what, a week or so? Something like that.
Anywho, I got my new modem and shit, and my Internet is due for activation on the 27th - YAY! No more mooching off of Ken :P. Though, I'll miss the laptop, it's fun :P

Dinner with our parents went pretty well. Ken's dad didn't come because he wasn't feeling well, but it was still cool. I ordered way too much food, haha.

I got my Christmas gift from Kenny early, he got me an Evanescence t-shirt as well as an Evanescence touque, lol. I got him that little turtle clock he's been drooling over since the summer. Neither of us really went out this year. I bought a Playstation2 for the family and Raven and I spent a few hours last night unlocking new songs in DDR Extreme2, lol! I've definetly been DDR-ing a lot more now, and it feels great. My legs still have to get used to it again, they always hurt afterwards haha. I'm thinking that for New Years I just may buy Karaoke Revolution hahahahahaha. You can dance AND sing at the same time! That would be hillarious for us to all play.

Last night we went shopping with my mom looking for some presents for Raven... and well, we found them :P

Oh! Oh! We went skating a couple days ago too, hehe. It was fun. We had to go get our skates sharpened but it only cost me $7 for both our pairs. Not bad for Sport Check! A bunch of us are going on tuesday at Nathan Philips Square. For those of us we haven't invited along yet, feel free to come :) You can rent skates there as well in case you don't have any.

I CAN'T BELIVE CHRISTMAS EVE IS TOMORROW!!! Arghh. There was more shit that I wanted to get, but lack of funds makes that a little hard lol. I still have to go pick up some stuff for mom, and let's just say I BARELY have any cash left to do THAT. Bah, I wanted to go out with everyone tonight but booo. Maybe I'll go out anyway and just hang out like we did that one time. We have to work tonight anyway until ait would bout 10:30pm, so it's not like we'd be having a relaxing time. It would be too much rushing.
That's okay, next week is NEW YEARS WEEKEND! And also a pay week ;) We'll party then definetly!

So, I put on that dress that Kenny bought me two years ago for my birthday... IT'S TOO SMALL. Which means only one thing. I've gained and I need to lose. No, I don't think I'm fat. But, I love that dress and that is my inspiration for getting into some REAL shape and losing 10 or so pounds. Pffft. If you had a dress that cost $300 you'd wanna fit back into it as well ;) It won't be hard once I get right back hardcore into DDR. I was dropping pounds like mad when I did it on a regular basis. ALL WILL BE GOOD! I've also broke down and got some other New Year's resolutions, but I'll wait until later to write about them. I don't usually write them because I never keep up with them and it only makes me feel worse, but this time it will be different because these are things I really want to do - for myself, not to please anyone else.

2 more days until Christmas! We're going to open presents with family, go to Kenny's grandma's for "dinner, then go up to Barrie to my aunt and grandma's for more presents and more dinner. Ohhhhh man. Now you KNOW why people get fat in the winter! All these Christmas dinners!

8 more days until New Years! Wahoo! It'll be the same as last year - party at my house! I don't know who is all coming yet, but either way it'll be so funny. I think we're going with Heather and John to Costco to get some needed essentials on Thursday or Friday... I don't remember when we're not working and I don't remember what Heather and I agreed on lmao.

February 11th I believe will be Valentines dinner at DAVE N' BUSTERS together! Hah. I wish they didn't get rid of the DDR machine :( Now it's some cheap-ass rip-off!!!

Check this's my Horoscope for today.

It certainly does seem to be time for a decision of the most tender kind. In other words, a relationship issue shall wait not longer to be solved. Make the first move -- and do it quickly.


Anywho, maybe I'll remember more to write about, but if not, I hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday!
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|| 3 Years Today... ||

So, happy anniversary to us. I guess.

Fuck all this shit. You know what? I'm going to do what I'm going to do and no one's going to stop me. Nothing anyone can say is going to make me feel or think differently and I know those important to me will respect my choices and back me up no matter what.

I am SO sick of letting other people fuck my shit up. So to hell with this shit.

I'm better than these people, I have integrity, respect and I know how to care about people - I deserve to be happy and these lame-asses don't deserve the credit in making me feel horrible about myself or my life.

I have TONS of shit to be happy about, tons of people who care about me, and whom I care about as well. No fuckface is going to take that away.

So starting now, I am going to do what makes ME happy, regardless. I am going to follow my heart, make my own decisions and to hell with what everyone else thinks. I am going to be happy. I am going to look forward to dinner on Saturday, I am going to look forward to Christmas, New Years, the New Year, my birthday, everything that's coming. So FUCK YOU.

All my life it's been one obstacle after another and you know what? This one is no different - and I'm going to overcome it too.

New Years Resolution: Make. Myself. Happy.
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